Atlanta Home Investors


Do you have a home in the Atlanta area that you need to sell? Great, we are a group of Atlanta home investors looking to buy homes in the metro Atlanta area. We also have investors who will buy your home outside the Atlanta area.

Why would you sell your home to an Atlanta home investor?

Simple, as investors we can pay cash for your home. We can close on your home in less than 9 days. We invest in ugly homes, pretty homes, mobile homes and everything in between. Atlanta home investors are in the business to buy homes. We know that not everyone can fix their home up before selling it. We will buy your Atlanta home for a fair price.

Shouldn’t I just sell my Atlanta home myself?

Sure, if you have four to six months to sell your Atlanta home then list it with a realtor. Before you decide how to sell your Atlanta home you might want to read our article on the cost of selling your home. You might find that selling your Atlanta home the traditional way might be more expensive than you originally thought.

Who are Atlanta home investors?

Atlanta home investors buy homes for investment purposes. An Atlanta home investor could be a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, a full time home investor or a part time investor.

Can Atlanta home investors stop a foreclosure?

Yes. Atlanta home investors have several ways to stop the foreclosure process, but the only we can help is if you take action now. Stopping the foreclosure process takes time so please give us your home information now so we can start the process.

Bottom line is that Atlanta home investors want to buy your home today. There is no risk to you for filling out our information form. You are under no obligation to sell your home to an investor. You have nothing to lose.

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